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Pickelhaube - Modifications during 1857-1859


Introduction of the M57 helmet:

  • The helmet height has been reduced by about 4 cm and was now about 28 to 34 cm. Older model 1842 helmets were cut down and re-sewn in accordance to the new regulations. The spike was about 10,5 to 12,5 cm high. Due to the changes the weight was reduced to 750-900 g.
  • Introduction of the tin cockade with a fanned disc of 70-75 mm diameter. Only 1 piece for enlisted men, with a ring painted white, but 2 pieces for officers, with a silver affixed ring.
Source: Militär-Wochenblatt, 42. vol., 1858, page 9 (


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Pickelhaube M1857 (Courtesy of


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